Thinking Out Loud Again

From our caring comes the courage to do what we know needs done.

Truthful words cannot always be beautiful.
Beautiful words may not always be truthful.
Good words are never used to persuade,
And persuasive words are seldom good.
Which means I guess, you should closely question everything I’ve just said.

If I were still teaching, I would have only three things left to teach;
1) live simply, freely sharing all of yourself and you have:
2) focus on building your calm patience and understanding:
3)share your respect, love, love and compassion with all you are blessed to meet. These three are the greatest treasures you can ever work to have.
Reach out and help someone else begin to find them.

Those that have reached an understanding of truth don’t hoard, for they realize that the more they freely help others, the more they benefit themselves. The more they give freely to others, the more they receive themselves. The upright path singles out no-one as better or more deserving, just as it never does anyone harm. Living this way allows you to have peace and joy, wrapped in the Way of the love, all without any need to compete.

“Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, have few desires.”

I do not concern myself with gods and spirits, whether good or evil nor, do I serve any. Better for me if I instead listen to the voice of creation found within us all.

I don’t believe Nature can be called ‘human hearted,’ for nature simply loves and cares for all equally.

The more you believe you know, the less you truly understand.

“Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.

Rust and Broken Dreams

 I remember a time where there was nothing else in my dreams but visions of a bright future, happiness, love, devotion, respect, and family, all of which to be shared with the one of whom when joined with me created a true oneness unrivaled in the entire history of all life. Once more, as it has too many times in the in the past, the end has come.

 A difficult painful time for me once more, but one I have become accustomed to. I have found that the inner self of me holds much love and care, including an overwhelming absolute need to hold respect for my partner as an equal and true individual. No ego, no control, just dedication, respect and love, so when those feelings are not returned I admit to being completely surprised and shattered. For me it leaves a sense of bewilderment over how two so close, so joined, can be so fundamentally different at their cores. I am left with only the soul burning lasting pain of confusion, loss and despair, and the question I can find no answer to,

 “How can this be once more?”


About Grief

Do not allow your heart to be locked away in grief. Everything you have ever lost will most certainly come back around. When least expected, perhaps in times of the most calm silence, you can hear the reassuring whispers of love dancing through the quiet. Standing out on the back porch, enjoying the early morning sun and the first of day’s ration of wonderful coffee, you can hear a lost loved one’s adorations drifting on the gentle morning breeze. That little sparrow landing on the rail brings you comfort in the knowledge that spirit is all around you, and that spirit itself can never end. During times of greatest struggle if you take a moment to refocus, calm and clear your mind, you will feel that loved one’s hand on your shoulder, bringing reassurance, and reinforcing your knowledge that no matter the challenge, you have the strength to meet the challenge. And in truth, it is very fulfilling to remember once more that the one your shared so much with, loved so deeply, can still be a part of your life. Nothing ever ends. Just as we were gifted with so much joy in our existence, so much love has filled our lives, we can know that our spirit can never be quenched, we may well change, but never end. The most wondrous part of our journey stretches out before us, and at some future time we will rejoin our loved ones and travel forward. Much Love, Namaste…