We Will Always Journey

We Will Always Journey

As with all great journeys, the vision is the beginning
Dreams of all the possibilities, of the many paths widening to the future
Of all the great and extraordinary things our mind can imagine
The persistence of our own opportunistic souls reaching for what is yet unabridged
An unconscious decision to struggle forward yet again
And without even knowing of our focus
We start forward

All of our past, our teachings, our experience are brought into play
The trials of our past giving us the tools that we need to find our way
Our way to fulfilling this newest quest for our dream
No obstacle too great, no argument rebuff
The journey begun, we will not allow defeat
We can only see the unfolding, as it will be
And as always, the goal is reached

And there, sated in the peace of this, our newly added thread in the web of our life
We rest

And the vision comes again…..


The Reason

The Reason

In an almost unbearable burst of enlightened thought
A moment of crystal clarity, and unity of mind and soul
I find myself here, at this spot, at this time
And ask, what we all boon to ask
The question all must ask of them-selves to become whole

There must be a reason, a plan, some greater command
Some guiding force weaving the threads of the tapestry of my life
The potter’s hand that has shaped me for a purpose that I am to serve
Some finite goal not shared, but there regardless
Awaiting the day when I’m truly prepared
And I am here

Marching back through my memories and lessons
I can now see the pattern emerging
The trials put before me to build my strength and character
Loves filling my very soul to build my compassion
Losses to embed my understanding and insight
The long, slow awakening of that who I am today

And now, in rapturous and joyful discovery
The answer is at long last found within
The simplicity and propriety of the solution
In its self, yet another of that guiding hands special wonders
All the pain and anguish of the long hard years recede in importance
As the reason becomes so clear

I am here to be your friend…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre, December 6th, 2005

The End of Forever

The End of Forever

Never I say

The End is not Written.
The Day is not Done,
No End to the Journey
At most, a slower Run

The Adventures and Amusements
That Life surely Provides
Do not End at each Junction
No matter how Hard

The Loses we Live through
Are Toilsome to Brook
But They are the Nourishment
That fills up Life’s Book

And each End we Perceive
In our Lose and our Pain
Our Grief tends to Blind us
To the new Joys soon to Obtain

So Retreat not into Darkness
Pull the Door open not Closed
For the Future is Before you
And the Journey is not Won

Reach out your Hand
And place it in Mine
And together we’ll Find
What Alone we have Lost

There are no Endings, Only Changes in State……

Author: Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre, November 28th, 2005

I Must Be Me

I Must Be Me

Another failure, born into society
Better left out on the ice, to starve

That’s what they all said of me

What I’ve heard all my life

But they know not the real me
Dare not look inside, dare not care
Their fear and prejudice drive them
All must fit their norm

If they simply looked, to know the truth
The answer lies within
There’s more to me, than they’ll ever know
Value justifying my birth

I love all people, good and bad
No matter cast or creed
For I find the wonder, hidden in all
Even though lost and deep

And I can’t but help, when I see need
Perhaps to the point of abuse
My caring soul continues reach out
My hand to help them up

But a rage does burn within my soul
At the greed and waste all about
It I fight, to subdue at best
For it slips out when I least expect

As I grew up, I had to live
Watching my parents hate
The violence and pain, all over again
Crawling around in my head

Yet as I’ve aged, I’ve found my truth
World seen as it’s meant to be
What else can I do, but try to create
The visions clean and free

So condemn me, you may
For not fitting your mold
But tomorrow comes, and it will be brighter

Even if I must make it myself…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 2nd, 2007