I Must Be Me

I Must Be Me

Another failure, born into society
Better left out on the ice, to starve

That’s what they all said of me

What I’ve heard all my life

But they know not the real me
Dare not look inside, dare not care
Their fear and prejudice drive them
All must fit their norm

If they simply looked, to know the truth
The answer lies within
There’s more to me, than they’ll ever know
Value justifying my birth

I love all people, good and bad
No matter cast or creed
For I find the wonder, hidden in all
Even though lost and deep

And I can’t but help, when I see need
Perhaps to the point of abuse
My caring soul continues reach out
My hand to help them up

But a rage does burn within my soul
At the greed and waste all about
It I fight, to subdue at best
For it slips out when I least expect

As I grew up, I had to live
Watching my parents hate
The violence and pain, all over again
Crawling around in my head

Yet as I’ve aged, I’ve found my truth
World seen as it’s meant to be
What else can I do, but try to create
The visions clean and free

So condemn me, you may
For not fitting your mold
But tomorrow comes, and it will be brighter

Even if I must make it myself…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 2nd, 2007

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