The End of Forever

The End of Forever

Never I say

The End is not Written.
The Day is not Done,
No End to the Journey
At most, a slower Run

The Adventures and Amusements
That Life surely Provides
Do not End at each Junction
No matter how Hard

The Loses we Live through
Are Toilsome to Brook
But They are the Nourishment
That fills up Life’s Book

And each End we Perceive
In our Lose and our Pain
Our Grief tends to Blind us
To the new Joys soon to Obtain

So Retreat not into Darkness
Pull the Door open not Closed
For the Future is Before you
And the Journey is not Won

Reach out your Hand
And place it in Mine
And together we’ll Find
What Alone we have Lost

There are no Endings, Only Changes in State……

Author: Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre, November 28th, 2005

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