We Will Always Journey

We Will Always Journey

As with all great journeys, the vision is the beginning
Dreams of all the possibilities, of the many paths widening to the future
Of all the great and extraordinary things our mind can imagine
The persistence of our own opportunistic souls reaching for what is yet unabridged
An unconscious decision to struggle forward yet again
And without even knowing of our focus
We start forward

All of our past, our teachings, our experience are brought into play
The trials of our past giving us the tools that we need to find our way
Our way to fulfilling this newest quest for our dream
No obstacle too great, no argument rebuff
The journey begun, we will not allow defeat
We can only see the unfolding, as it will be
And as always, the goal is reached

And there, sated in the peace of this, our newly added thread in the web of our life
We rest

And the vision comes again…..


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