This Journey

This Journey

Night moon forever watching the earth bound creatures flow through the night,

Glittering Stars painting the world with ideas and truth,

The great Sky enfolding it all together,

All Watch the wolf traveling the land, carrying his hymn through the night,

Wolf, who walks in the night without fearing of his shadow,

Wolf, who will always see the path that is open even when it is dark,

Wolf, who knows his place in the universe, even when he travels the land,

Howl to the greatness of the night,

Plains that hold the lifeblood of the buffalo,

Mountains that provide homes to those in need of shelter,

Hills sharing the space in between the two,

Watch for the wolf as he approaches, conveying his song through the day

Wolf. who would listen,

Wolf, whose leadership is also his harmony,

Wolf, whose prowess encourages the young to grow,

Howl to the greatness of the day,

Winds that breath the life to the world,

Trees that share the world with the animals,

Flowers that whisper when the wolf stops to smell the earth,

Watch the wolf as he binds the earth with sky in a single breath,

Wolf, who holds friendship, loyalty, and love,

Wolf, who preservers against the thunder,

Wolf, who hunts when his brethren are hungry,

Howl to the greatness of the world,

Ocean of blue and keeper of rain,

Streams sharing the life flow of mother earth,

Rivers weaving the earth to the ocean,

Watch for the wolf as he sings his story for all to hear

Wolf who knows solitude is a friend to the soul,

Wolf who knows a glass pond is sometimes better walked around,

Wolf who knows… the beauty of your Spirit

Sing your life song…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre June 12, 2006


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