This Journey I Walk

I strive to learn, to listen, to feel, to see……

Hear the magic in the wind, feel the love of its embrace

The gentle murmur of the trees filling the forest

And hold in your heart the cool shade they provide

Behold the colours of rainbow in the beacon of flowers

Hear the chattering of the butterflies flitting about them in peace

 Contrasted by the boisterous scolding squirrels in their ever running work
 Hear the magical whispers of the earth mother drifting across this world
 The heavenly sigh of the dusty dry ground as the first rain drops fall
 Feel the joy in the clouds as they drift across creation
 Laugh with the noisy cries of baby bird as its mother comes home

Take pleasure in the chance meeting of a new friend

 Share the pain of the losing the wisest of old ones now gone
 Let this world excite you, stir your soul with newfound awareness
 The startling cascading rumble of windblown stones rattling on the roof
 Heart stopping strike of lighting and thunder in an otherwise clear sky
 The unintentional slip down a muddy bank into the cold clear waters below
 Shudder in the rapture at the howling of the wolves on the mountaintop
 Cry out in the passion invoked by the sunset’s last gleams
 With your abundance of patience, for all things living or not
 This is the only true secret, and with this I find success cannot fail
 Forever embracing the simple offers of life, embracing each instant of time

Holding sacred all now surrounding me, while letting not one moment be lost

For this journey is made only from my single steps combined

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 13th, 2007


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