The Greatest Joy

 This has been a long hard road I’ve travelled

All of the pain and the loss, the betrayal forced to borne

The brief flickering lives I’ve seen taken, feed the flames of my agonized soul

This brutality the bane of my fellow man, striking out from ignorance and hatred

Treading over all in their path on quest for power, greed, and more things

Striking out at differences in colour, creed, preference, view, or faith

Intolerance abounds in a society supposedly renowned for its’ blend

My heart bleeds from the ravages of the darkness surrounds

The light in my soul wanes dim and dark in despair

Hope, the last visage of a gasping listless life,

Fades as a dying ember of last night’s fire

And yet still there is a glimmer

A perceived gleam of that near forgotten hope

Dare I reach for the light at least this one more time

 Challenge myself once more to stand upright and free

Risk another fall into image and dream

But in a wonder I find it true

And in reaching this one last time

I find the greatest joy I’ve to ever know

In this place I ne’er even deemed to be looking


 Here, complete and peaceful, flawless in its simplicity

The joy it brings immeasurable, ambrosia feeding my soul

These quiet conversations with you are all I ever really needed

And I would begin the long road once again, start this journey anew

Re-live all the pain and loss even so difficult, so weary

Battle darkness and evil, trod along the rocky path, dare pitfalls yet again

For just one more moment of sharing with you


 I thank you for being my friend…
 Author: Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 5th, 2006


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