A Different Path

A Different Path

I used walk the common path
I followed whoever would lead
Where they were leading I had not a care
I simply followed and believed what they said

I travelled well within the lines
Obeyed all their regulations and rules
Wherever that path may have taken me tomorrow
Mind trapped, eyes closed, how I would ever have known

Then a glint to the side
Whispering hint of different truth
And like the sun burning through cloud filled sky
My mind opening to find, steps starting down a very new way

The world became greener
Like on the far side of that hill
I knew at long last the need gone unfilled
For my world became now, one of tranquility and peace

I reached to the mountains
Climbed out of darkness into light
And there I watched a world full of life
Shudder in pain from the damage we’ve done

The tiniest and weakest
Important as the loud and the strong
For it takes many things together, to make up a world
So easy a lesson, plainly seen for the few who cared to learn

For like acorns of life
The smallest things build for all
And it’s the little things in the long view
That will carry on when we all fall

So come, won’t you join me
Hold reverent each blade of grass
For in the end of this journey, at some future time
We can walk head up and proud, along a pathway of growth

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre June 6th, 2008

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