You heard them say it, over and over
The shouts filling the very air
Plan come together, unexpected aid
They took their full advantage

Wasting no time to cry or morn
They used the murderous massacre
To promote their great plan, to war again
That what we all should have known

“God’s Will,” “They will be Avenged”
The overnight battle cry
And we in our grief, in shock from it all
What else but we had to agree

With us dazzled and confused
Pain and fear overwhelming
All that was left for them
Was to bend it their way

But they’d had lots of practice
To manipulate and use
You see, it’s the way they do business
In the new USA

They pulled out the bloody pulpit
And a few of their plans for war
Set the machine in motion
Our boys across the shore

And I remember wondering
At the target of their attack
For it wasn’t even the country of
The ones the did the murders

Grant us victory, O Lord our God!
They shouted from that bloody pulpit
As though by dragging the creator in
The thousands of deaths wouldn’t matter

By now I would guess, I’ve stirred up your anger
And mostly at me, not at them
Coward and cynic, unpatriotic
Are probably the nicest words used

But if you care to read on
Anger in check, I’ll provide clarification
You see I’ve been there myself
Long years now past

And I know the fallacy of war…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 3rd, 2007

Note: Never begin to believe I don’t support
our poor troops in the nightmare they find
themselves in, I do! With all my soul and heart.
Rather, understand that I cannot, in good conscience,
support the greed and darkness that puts them there.
We are all family, all of us, and no-one deserves
death over the small imagined differences we
create to frame our existence. We all want the
same things, happiness, safety for our families,
and the power to create our own destiny. We
all cry, all feel pain, and all morn our loses. But
we are all the same, frail human beings walking
a lonely path through this journey. And, at some
point in the future, we will all return home.
Until then, I pray you walk in peace and beauty,
and may you have all you ever need…


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