Another Night

Another Night

I lay down again tonight
Without you in my arms
Yet not alone. you’re somehow there
In the memories I still hold close

A fantasy, of sweetened colored past
Visions from the reality of you
If I could but wake, and find you here
But alas, that time is gone

The scent of you, gentle touch
Beaming flash of your smile
The whispered murmurs, panting gasp
To bask once more in your glow

There is never a time, as I walk through my days
Nere a second without feeling you in my soul
In my heart, my head, the core of me
It’s as if you had never gone

But as I climb out of this bed
My day to start anew
The reality crashes back in
The tears flow freely, heart burns afresh

I miss you so much my friend……

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 11th, 2008

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