Simple Web

 I have learned in my travels of the great web of life,
How the entirety of existence is connected to all other parts,
This intricate filigree of interactive pieces creating this reality we all share,
You and I know of the importance of each for the support of all,There is nothing you cannot do, embracing the good will impact the whole,

A helping hand given to one in need will spread joy for generations yet to come,
Dedicate yourself to providing a daily spreading of even the simplest of gifts,
Doing so will spread the happiness of compassion, strengthening the all,
By supporting your brother and you find that the greater strength in yourself,
Look deep within yourself and you will feel that same support coming to you,
Do not waste the abundant gifts that creation provided to you, embrace and share,
If you see a hunger, feed it, see pain, heal it, you be a source of light and love,
Never let your rule you, have no hunger for holding great power or control,
And if you find yourself alone, lost and forlorn, know your never truly alone,
For the hands that created you ever rest gently upon your shoulders in love,
Uncomplicated things perhaps, but this choice we must hold and embrace,
We can hold to the love of life, we could want no more for light will we build,For me this is plain, I stride forward in each day,
I will make my smile a beacon, my hand open to all,
And ask for you to join with me, walking at my side,
As we create the love, embracing the mystery, and life…..



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