Who Decides?

Who Decides?

Peace or War?
Who Decides?
Neither the power brokers, nor the fear mongers,
For where else does their power come but from us?
But they do set the spark; fan the flames of fear, of doubt

Preying on our own wants and needs,
Our own sense of morals, what we hold right and true
And they know well our weakness
Aware of just the right spots unguarded
They use the barriers they built between us
Calling us to battle employing religion, race, or creed

And the so-called common people
Sad peons like you and me
It is us who feel the searing flames
Once the torch of war is lit
They take our youngest children
And feed then to the storm
While they hide their own out in plain view
Enjoying safety as they prance on TV

Can we refuse the call to duty,
Set aside our anger, put away our hate
Set ourselves to do the needful thing
Instead of following that trash they preach.

Will we allow another blood bath?
Again follow their power maddened plans
Do we again answer their call to righteous murder
Another nightmare spreading blood across the lands

Who decides these things?
Your holy concept of god – or you?
So why are we once more allowing, murder, torture, and crime?
Why are we enabling them to spread their imperialism across the world?
And how can they take away our own rights?
Locking us up in this cage.

So, again, I ask you – who decides?

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre August 8th, 2008

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