Night now day
Dreams are agony
The End, gasping for breath
All Life crying, lost, waste

Why was I called
From where comes this vision
Dooming incubus eating horizon
Darkness descends, I despair

Babe, fresh from the womb
Birth this day, another waste
Fresh cannon fodder, bloody haze
Disrupting my slumber, apocalypse

False signboards pushing sway
What is true, what follows
This dream I would tell you
Warning of reality, affairs to follow

And we all remain blind
Hide from reflected truth
Mind filled with folderol
I fear our world short-lived

Haunting, taunting, blinding, me still
Refuse heaps engulfing reason
Rent hemorrhage of earth gone soft
Fractures egress in reality

Crowded cities, billowing hatred
I sit, alone, scorned, bewildered,
Trapped ‘tween flame and madness
Trampled by War-lords’ machines

Destruction in their breath
Bent to make remake the world
What will they bequeath the future
Human race once more gone mad

Now, nature turned bad
Desperation, no return from sin
Destinies squandered, future wan
Soon Man retired, detritus and relicts
But insects and grass, life will proceed

No more me or you…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre August 11th, 2008


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