Enlightened Path

Enlightened Path

As good travelers have no fixed plans
Intent upon the journey rather than the arrival
The good artist lets his intuition lead him where it wants
Allowing the beauty to flow freely from his soul
A good scientist frees himself of concepts
Keeping his mind open to reality and what is

Then I must hold to the wonders of the life around me…

I must make myself open to all people, reject no one
Ready to see the best in all situations, wasting nothing
Holding ever to the substantiating light
For what else is a good man, but a bad man’s teacher?
For what else is a bad man, but a good man’s task?
If you don’t understand this, you need find yourself

However wise you are, this is the great secret…

I have learned that the universe is forever out of my control
That trying to change events goes against the current of the whole
Because I believe in myself, I don’t need to convince others
Because I am content with myself, I don’t need others’ approval
Because I accept myself, the whole world accepts me…

The currents of the whole flow everywhere
All things are born of it, yet it doesn’t create them
Allowing them rather the freedom to create themselves
Ever pouring itself into its work, yet it makes no claim
Nourishes infinite worlds, all of life, yet never holding on
Merged with all things, hidden in the hearts, alone it endures
It is called the great mystery, yet isn’t aware of its greatness

Thus it is truly great…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Sept. 14th 2008


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