A Time For Growth

Daylight fades, and the darkness of night draws nearer
The damp evening air touches the hearts of the people
The old one notices, remembering living the old ways
The old ways, living in peace with all around them
Living in peace with each other, the animals, and the Earth Mother
The old one living now in fear
Fear that his children have turned from the source
Fear of his grand-children’s greed, abuses, and loss
Fear for his dying nation, his dying world

Lost are the voices of drum and flute
The lessons that taught us tolerance and respect
Of taking only what we need, and giving thanks for all we have
Of living with pride, honor, and concern for all life
We no longer hear the old sounds that haunted the night
Gone are the Spirits of the Earth Mother
Gone are the blessings of Spirit
The old one morns the loss of the night sounds of life
Crickets silent, the wind no longer whispering its secrets through the night
The wind bringing only the sound of Earth Mother groaning in her agony and pain
Reliving the memories of distant past

The full moon slowly rises in the night sky
Illuminating the burned out, trash piled landscape around the camp
The old ones tears drip freely on the barren dusty ground
Tears carrying the thoughts of what used to be
And the thoughts continue flowing
Flowing like water in the stream of never lingering moments
Moments from a past when peace and harmony ruled among the nations.
A time when Spirit was strong in the people
When all people knew the importance of all things
Tears carrying memories of how right it used to be
And with the tears, the last hope drains from the old ones heart.

Spirit feels the wet tears flowing across the Earth Mother
He hears the painful thoughts contained within them
Senses the hopelessness and agony of the old one

He speaks:

“My child, why do you stand before me crying for the future?
Why do you turn from what has been given?
Away from the teachings you know so well
Where has your heart gone?

The old one responds:

“Oh Great Spirit, your children have lost your truths.
They now forsake all the gifts you give them
They do not hear the truth of the lessons we offer
They do not heed the guidance laid before them

Others have come from a far away land
They have taken our culture and knowledge away from us
They have driven our children only to know their foreign ways
The ways of greed and abuse, of hate and anger

And our children embrace these new ways
They hold hate close to their hearts, pushing away love and tolerance
They judge any but themselves, blaming the troubles of the world on the others
Their lives are consumed by the need to take back their lands
To exact revenge from evils done in the past
Dark emotions fueled by the wrongs done to their ancestors
A daily existence focused only on pain and loss
They forsake your truths, refuse to know the real importance of life

And I do not know what to do, what to say
My hope is gone, lost to the darkness that now fills my peoples lives”

And Great Spirit spoke again:

“My child, you have forgotten the stories you know so well.
You have forgotten the history of my children,
Hear me well,

For all of times past, this has been the hard way of my children
From the epoch of the great journey across the ice, it was so
As they learned of the truths I offer, learned to live as they should
Learned their place in the world, to value peace, respect, and harmony,
To love freely and rejoice in all of life’s wonders

Even their lives grew and their places within the great circle became complete
They began to share these truths with others
Began to show the others the joy brought by the truth
And yet the others were angered at these truths
The others were filled with jealousy and hatred for what they could see, yet lacked
What they could not or would not understand
For the real truth threatened their power
Challenged their greed
Made their life a farce, baseless in its need

So war came to my children
My children were pushed every further from their homelands
Ever further across the waste of ice and cold
Until, at long last, pushed to these very lands here

And still the others followed
For they could not allow the real truths to change their lives
Could not give up what they held so dear
The things they gathered, lands they held
Their beliefs fashioned to uphold the greed and desire in their souls
They held themselves as special, better than and outside of existence
So much more important than all of the rest of life

A sad time
Tribe against tribe
Warrior against warrior
Brother against brother
Man against all of nature
It has continued for ages long forgotten
A great circle of learning, loosing, and waste
The never-ending battle of light against dark”

The old ones painful wailing continued to flow
A muddy river of tears winding across the muddy ground

“Oh Great Spirit!
Your truth does little to ease my heart
You tell of a long history of turmoil and darkness
Of my people lost for all of time
Never finding peace, never knowing love
Where is the hope I can hold to?
Where is the answer to the questions I hold?
Forgive my ignorance Great Spirit
Forgive my questioning
But I know not what to do
I know not how to help my people.
I know not how to regain hope”

“Be at ease my child, for the answer is within you
Settle your tired and aching heart
Look within, hold to that in you that connects with me
Hold to me and find the answers you seek
Hear my words:

You have within you all you seek
It is for you to help lead your people to the life they need
To help them find the peace and love I intended
Teach them of their place in this world
Of the balance of living with all existence
Of working toward the betterment of life
Rather than fighting against the small darkness bumping at the light

Teach them the importance of life
Of the value in tolerance and acceptance
Tolerance of views differing from their own
Acceptance of the rights of all the different forms of life

Teach them of balance
Of the balance of all things
Of using only what they truly need
Of being thankful of gifts given,

Teach them of the equality of life
Show them their place in all of existence
I hold no one part of all as above any other.
Whether trees, plants, animals, or humans
I hold not one as more than another
All are of equal importance to me
All are loved and cared for by me

Bid them give up their hatred and greed
Show them how to put away their need for revenge and possessions
Teach them these simple truths
And bid them live each day within my light and love
Show them with your life how theirs can and should be.”

The old ones tears dry and clear.
In his eyes you can see the rebirth of hope
The return of truth fills his soul
Love and peace glows across his lined old face.

“It will be as you say Great Spirit
Hope shines within me once again
I will return to living life as should be
I will share all of your truths with my people
And they will learn from my words
And pass on what they learn to their children and grand-children

The future will be as bright and promising as any vision can be
And a life of Peace and Happiness will be for all of existence
As it was intended
As it was at one time
And as it will be now again

Thank you once again Great Spirit for all you gifts I’ve received
Thank you for the wonders I so enjoy as I more through this astounding land
Thank you for the love and joy that fills my heart”

And the old one walks on to complete his path
The sky clear blue once more
The bright horizon hinting of better things to come.
Author: Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre (WolfFliesWithRaven) Nov. 8th, 2006

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