Morning Dew

I walk out this morning, to a world draped in heavy dew
As I walked, awakening to the world, I looked behind me
I found the shape of my soul glistening in my every step
Looking into that mystical window showed me my true self
There, painted in my soul’s shape, I found a map of my life

Reflected in each step, an image of adventure and task
Years of journey stretching out across the twinkling lawn
I turned and walked back along that path of visions
Reliving the stories shinning up from the grass
A rebirth of memories, age dimmed, thought lost

That first meeting of love, learning of my true life partner
The births of my children, the years of their growth
All the joys in sharing their discoveries and wonders
Seeing them blossom into adults, paths stretching before them
And now grandbabies filling my slower days with light

My life has been full, so much happiness and love
A wealth of adventure, so many friends, travels, stories
I turn, and continue on, for I yet live…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Sept. 29th. 2008

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