A Few Words On Addiction

Braver, bolder, brighter, better,
You can even proclaim the best,
Smarter, sexier, surest, strongest,
So much more than all the rest,

You will make this passage to be someone new,
A guarantee that you will see the change,
And in this light filled journey you will find,
There are some priorities to rearrange…

What feels so fine, makes life really shine,
Could never be far in the wrong,
It will take no small change of heart,
Embracing a whole way new living,
This new life long song,

Therein lies the answer to all your questions,
Even those only once reached in dreams,
This is what you needed to be your true self,
Now you’re future is free.

Hold no doubt as you try, No time to second guess.
While deep in denial and full of hope,
Full commitment is an easy yes.

You can ride the wave of dark power, only ’till you break.
But if you want to stay in the game,
You have to pay the stakes.

Control it is a tricky thing, an illusion from the start.
And you lost your grip so long ago,
So deeply lost in the dark.

And now you know the price of things
That all of us must pay
For no one ever rides for free, and you have to find a way.

You were lost the day you started,
And more lost when you thought saved.
This dark affair, trapping deadly snare
Is this the choice you crave

No-one is the master here, despite the strongest will.
It’s you who calls the shots, you know
But no-one else pays the bill.

Who can say what the price,
When this evil comes to dwell.
Your soul will see no other path
Only the one leading back to Hell.

Discouraging thoughts to hold you down
To add to the pull toward the past
The Devil calling and weakness fills
Yet you’ve come so far, must resist

And slowly true
Long day by day
You will resist and hold

Your life now shines, your future bright
For the best lays brfore you now
You know this fight.

And will continue to win
Minute by minute and day-by-day
For even now, the burden is lifting
You own your-self from now

And tomorrow is just a little bit better…….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 2nd. 2007

2 thoughts on “A Few Words On Addiction

  1. I suffer from addiction myself. Im four monthes clean off of just about everything you can think of. Ive just spent a few month in florida away from my home in maine. Tomorrow i will return home where my two beautiful daughters await their healthy father, god i miss their smiles. though thoughts of going back to where it all began have me a little more then stressed. Its easy to stay clean when you have no access to what ails you. My truest test lies just around the bend and insperation can never harm the cause. Bravo. I shall return. ~§~§~Dave~§~§~


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