This journey through life,
Wondering, dreaming, confusion of mind
Is anyone really true, or just being kind

How to know? Know for sure
Everyone appears the same
Life is a game, must be someone to blame

Men and women, so much alike, yet so different
Both wanting love, but with no care to what we say
Hearts so delicate, starting out full of life
Why do we cut them, happiness gone with the knife

We’ve all broken them, been broke in return
Coming back time after time
Wanting so badly, needing so much

Flopping around on the bank, like a fish out of water
Minds bent, passions cooled
Temper hotter and hotter

Constant fighting, defense for right
Saying what should never be said
Both the loser, in the end
Losing all that we had

Thinking we have the answer, to someone else’s path
Finding out so much later
The answer was there for our self

Life tends to deal, a full hand lot of love,
But much sorrow and pain must come too
I wonder sometimes, if I’m just drifting through
Trying to someway maintain

Seem to float through life, like little fish in the stream
Trying hardest to not be the one caught
To roam and wonder around this great land
Looking for what I dreamed best

I imagine sometimes, I am that bird in its nest.
Looking out into bright bluest skies
Waiting for the day, my wings grown strong
And I leave my nest and fly

Please think of me, as you go through your day
For I am just like you
Needing to share, all the love held inside
But traveling this journey alone

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 3rd, 2007

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