Am I The Man

Am I The Man

Am I a one that cares too much, allows this world to penetrate too profoundly
The lonely man that loves too deeply, while others merely stand their time
Do you see the boy within me, filled with emotions too great to hide
The great burden of pain I try to take from the darkness around me
The crippling agony from watching the destruction accrue
Feeling our Earth Mother recede and wane

Am I he who cannot refuse to help, while others brand me fool and mark
The soul tired, worried, and anxious, as they make their war for oil
Do I hold to dreams of greater things, while all around me fall
Can I leave my children with what they need, hope and more
In this irritated gloomy age do dare attempts repair

I guess you know, all must see the certainty
Spirit made me the man that I must be
I have no choice, my path is clear
I must bring aid, must preserver
So I guess I am the one of whom they speak
And will do my best, and never fail

So please help, take the hand of this distant child
And with the spirit of our fathers, make this world a better land

May the wolf run wild……..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 17th, 2007


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