Another Dream

A song for peace, ambition true
Where all relearn, what used to be
I know with this dream, I may overreach
But if you dream with me, we can make it true

What would be, if we all but remembered
Forgotten we are here to give, share and comfort
And knowing what you give is all that you get
We write your own futures, so let’s make it bright

Come, take my hand, we have darkness to span
The shadows will flee from the light that we give
Our tears will provide that, which the changes will need
As they fall to the earth, water for new growth

This task may be hard, but worth any price
Rewards come uncounted, at the end of this race
Don’t let them dissuade you, held back too long
Join with me now, together we’re strong

For we may be small, passing in a moment in time
Our voices will be remembered, words stretching beyond
And though we may never see it, never know of the end
At least we can take comfort, in the fact that we tried

Come sing with me………

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 23rd, 2007


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