Are You The One

Are you the one
The one whom I’m destined to be with
The pull I’ve felt, spanning all space and time
Are you drawn to me, as I am to you

One life, one bond, so much a part of me
My partner traveling to perpetuity
Are you the one I’ve loved before
In all my past lived journeys
Is this the love I’ve always had
Come to walk with me on this new path

It seems a shame, this late in the game
That now I would find you again
But I’m destined to love you, forever and ever
Moments together too precious to waste
So if that is you, and you’re drawn as I am
Come sit down beside me, wrapped in my arms

Share with me your secrets
Where you’ve traveled, what you’ve seen
Unburden that pain, held in your heart
Let me help you wash it pure
Feel my loves great out swelling
Let me bask you in my fire
Let the passion that’s within you
Blend with mine in harmony

Our time may be short, on this journey’s path
But if you are my soul mate, we have all eternity yet
Allow me to again be your servant and friend
Souls filled in joy, we’re together again
Do you feel destined to love me, feel pulled
Anticipation is breaking me from within
So please tell me my love
Are you the one


Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 4th, 2007

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