A Plea

My dreams today become the memories of tomorrow
Of heart once swelling with love, now dead, filled in darkness
Reliving the moments of my yesterday’s
My mind consumed, eaten away, dreams gone

I flood the world with tears, anguish and pain the new rule
All illusion now lost, delusions seen through
I know not else, but that it will never come true

Dark and cold, this world I now walk
Abandoned dreams painted on the walls of my cell
Darkness created of deceit and despair
My soul now ice, frozen emotionless mire

I fear it forever to be
Days empty, nights all lonely
Dark clouds drifting across an angry sky

This has become my frozen destiny
My slow crawling glacier of pain
I no longer dare care, let the numbness come in
Push away from the life and the living

I see the world only bleak
Color washed out
Dappled shadows in gray

My world as it is
The love ever gone
Is there anyone out there to help
Can ever a way, be found once again
To bring back the smallest of hope

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 2nd, 2007


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