And the rain falls

And the rain falls

A cascade of broken glass falling from the heavens
The musical magical sounds of the droplets striking this reality
Sheets of running moisture flushing across the surface of my world
The night is lost to yesterday, yet the darkness remains across the morning

Time stands still as the confluence of nature manages dominion
In a sky of dark cold iron, a single star courageously fights for survival
One last small point of diamond shimmering brightness amid chaos and shadow
A beacon of hope in an otherwise cistern of despair and loss

But I hear the music
The sweet ringing sounds of oscillating crystal struck with the perfect cadence
The gurgling rhythms of the water swirling down the pipes
Clamoring hammering pounding of the droplets striking metal and stone

Juxtaposing in the orchestral muse of natures own melody
The never ending, never tiring, always changing song of the universe
Natures own cry of celebration for the existence we take so much for granted
With gifts such as this, could there be a better day

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 27th, 2005


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