Break Away

You’ll find the certainty within yourself
The answer to why you’re still here
To know the truth is what you dread
For ending is your answer clear

You nurture them as they cause you pain
Feed them as they take all you hold
You overlook their long abuse
Create the illusion of different fold

Your life has become slow suicide
With darkness all around
Your friends withdrawal, your family too
Not to watch you go to ground

And as they abandon, so do you
You give up all you are
You put aside your dreams and hopes
Think lies will get you far

And I, your friend, must take a stand
I could never let this go
For the memories of what you once were
Hurt all that more to know

I remember you so full of life
Bright future yet ahead
Full of self-assertiveness
In all you said or did

Your beaming smile and cutting wit
Were such a joy to share
The eagerness to lend a hand
We knew you always there

Boon companion, never less
I fortunate to have known
The wondrous person you were then
I dreamed to see you grown

The time has come to cast off this drain
And seek real life as meant
Find within you love for self
Embrace life without lament

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 16th 2007


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