Call for Help

I stand here…
Tears a river flowing down sun aged cheeks
See the brokenness, burning of my soul, the pain in this old heart
Hear the wisdom of my words, behold the vision I lay before you
Walk with me the true path, aware of that which we all depend
Earth mother, Animal and Man, Sun, and Air
Hear me…

I call out…
Send my voice riding across and within, the four directions of the wind
All my relations, men of all colors, all nations, humans, life of this world
I seek for truth, hold to humbleness, giving freely of respect
I fight for balance, never to hurt, ever ready to forgive
To spread love and light to all that share this path, this one world
Feel your connection…

So come with me…
Teach others so they may learn
Open hearts to once more hear the voice of the one
Clear your mind of the dark visions we inherit
Tear down the walls built of ignorance, greed, and conflict
Animal, Plant, Man, all life, all connected, all equal,
Restore balance and peace…

Together once more, we shall keep this circle of life going on…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 22nd, 2008

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