Come Dance

I sense you
Somehow, I feel the need in you
The longing and desire, the seeking
Frustration at the life you have, never-ending trials
With empathic vision I reach out, try to touch
And with the gift given by the great mystery
I somehow know the depths of your pain
Become one with what you have hidden

You are not as lost as you imagine
I feel the strength in you, the love, compassion, and care
I see the doubt the consumes you, hear voice unreasoned
Let go that doubt, know the self limiting falseness of it
Recognize that unreasoning voice for what it truly is
A Lie….

Learn that the memories of times past are past
And put them behind you by reaching for better future
Let remembrance of yesterday fade
Replaced by the memories of tomorrow
Trust in my words as I tell you happiness is obtainable
That you deserve to be, and can be, living the life of dream
Break down the walls you’ve build, set yourself again free

Embrace the world and this bright new day
The wonders of life all around you
Once more to rejoin, to travel the good path

Come dance with me through each precious moment…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 2nd, 2007

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