As a flower, blown free of the bunch by strong wind
Drifting about the world to rest, ere resisting definition
So is the wise man, freed from individuality
Wondering the world to rest, in peace and contentment

Now as one with that which cannot be defined.
Moved outside of all the images, all the symbols
Beyond the reach and power of mere words
Seeing with clarity, a truth shining and bright

Perception based of balance, impartial and fair
True to the many points of view
Bound by no one reality
Truth through the very nature of existence

Existence of immeasurable variety and bounty
Existence of the many and the one
So it is, at this place, this time
We find our place, our small part

In the greater scheme of it all
And know, finally

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 19th, 2007


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