Fire Within

I try to smother it
Crush it, stamp it out
Tame it, use it for good
This agonizing fire, burning
Red embers of heat filling my soul

Smoke clouded eyes
Lunges pull raspy breaths
Struggle and fight, must hold
Have to find the way, the answer
Find the light, a new light

Truth wiggles through
Crawling around the smoke and fire
Taking hold of me, clearing my mind
Echoes of wisdom I once knew
New dawning of renewal
This the newest of hope

I remember now
This fire within, this core of me
This is what gives me myself
This holds the child within me close
Allows my eyes to see the wonders
Allows my ears to hear the truth

Without this fire I would loose my gifts
Loose all that I cherish, all I hold dear
The love, compassion, strength, and vision
That which makes me who I am
Helps me be who I want to be
Why do I fight it

I will use it, bind with it, embrace
And together once more, tow as one
We share these simple words
And the light grows and spreads……..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 21st, 2008


2 thoughts on “Fire Within

  1. Your poem is a poem of self/spiritual awareness.I love poems that convey the feelings of its writers.Yours is such a poem.And interestingly the title of your poem almost matches exactly with the title of mine”THE FIRE WITHIN”This must be great coincidence.


  2. Hello and welcome. Is interesting that we matched titles, but makes sense as we were both writing about pretty much the same thing. I would like to add a link to your site on my page if that’s ok. Many of my friends would enjoy reading you I think. I’m in the process of moving around 1200 of my poems and writings to this site. I have them scattered all over and is getting too hard to manage. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Peace and Blessings.


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