She is flawless beauty, With immortal grace,
But few have seen past her delicate face.
Look past her smile, beyond her gentle glow,
And into her heart, which closed so long ago.
It is not her laugh,
Nor the light in her eyes,
But hidden in the silence,
In her maelstrom of cries.

Her splendor hides, in unworthy hands,
Veiled by false promises, which few understand.
Amidst all the lies, and her deep rooted pain,
She grieves for her loss, its crushing disdain.
Because of this hurt, of her building resilience,
She rises above captors, breaks with its insolence.

As the long rain slows, her soul slowly mends,
Will this world be ready, for my beautiful friend.
For she does not know, how could she see,
Through all of her sadness, she’s perfect to me.

My flawless beauty.

In my eyes you are flawless,
As fresh as new day,
And with this love that we share
We hold the darkness at bay.
The Devil screams out
“What love is this?”
His screams are pure torture
He can not come against this.

This love we have may be all that we own.
This love of ours could be all that we know.
With every word you speak, you leave a legacy in me
And now you must know, that as long as I am here
The will be no love that shall cause you fear.

Author: Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 20th, 2005

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