George Remembered

It seems like so many years ago
When last we walked and talked
In that shortest time we had together
You became such a part of my life

So new a friend to care so much
You always made me laugh
Almost never made me mad or sad
Seeing you was pleasure itself

All those jubilant long hours
Round the kitchen table warm
You cheating at cards and making up stories
Me acting like I didn’t know

We were never really fighting
At least between each of us
We made peace in the very beginning
Seemed the right thing to do

We both loved your daughter
And knew how special she is
And both us wanted find the way
To end the abuse from her kids

Then the day I found out
Of the cancer inside you
When you asked for my guidance
To lend the strength that you need

And I pulled myself up
Gave you all that I had
And helped with the family
For the loss coming soon

And didn’t we get through it
Together till the end
You complaining of my staying there
What else to expect from your friend

There are days now when I ask myself
Why did you have to go
You were oh so strong, kind and wise
You should still be here with us all

But truth be known
I know the facts
And you had lived a life in full
And I know wherever you travel now

You have saved a special place for this fool…………

I’ll see you soon my friend…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 1st, 2007


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