Giving Thanks

The sun’s gentle touch lends it’s warmth to my cheek,
Awakening me to greet the new day,
My sleep filled eyes drag slowly open,
To view the magnificent rising sun.

With difficulty, I roll from my bed
Giving thanks for this day and the life breath I still hold.
I turn and face the East, elated and honored with the view
The rising sun has blessed me once again.

The Medicine in my tired old soul
Renewed, and full once more,
Blessed and full from having had this journey
So many seasons, so many trips rounf the Circle.

Trees, rocks, creatures, earth, and sky,
All of existence calls to me.
And I give thanks for all their gifts,
Help, patience, understanding, and love.

It is only fitting that I do,
They have shared this journey far more years than I deserve.
And yet, Spirit continues to give me breath and heal my body.
I try to give it back each morning,
Yet it is returned to me as if my path here is not done.

Perhaps my path is only that others may share
My words and learn to give thanks too.
Wisdom shared, the way it has been done so many times before.
The way it should always be done.
And so I give thanks to you too.
Thanks for being who you are,

And for sharing this part of your journey with me……..

Author: Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Nov. 4th, 2006


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