I Learn

Tears in my bed again
Agony and loss, regrets full of shame
Once more I gave the all of myself
Yet again I reached for her hand
Allowed myself to truly care again
Permitted the love to warm and grow
And now tears…

She illuminated my day
Brought a sense of peace, real light
She taught me the true meaning of life
Completing me as no other before
And I gave her all of myself
Promised her my very soul
And now tears…

All I gave she took
The more I gave, the less she cared
A familiar cycle, ages old tale
But for me it was as the end of my world
But I will not stay here, cannot let this be
I must reject the hate and the pain
And now strength…

I will not give up, I cast off this cage
A great world full of love waits outside
So I step boldly forth, embracing all life
Continuing to share the love that I hold
For I know it for truth, this world is made better
With the love and the care that I give
Happiness reborn…

And I will make it so…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 22nd, 2008


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