The Great Circle

My granddaughter sits before me smiling
And I want her to know of our life
I tell her, I will sing for her
Stories from the long gone past
I will sing the songs of wolf and pack
And help her know them at last

I would sing the song of wolf for her
And with it my heartfelt appeal
My prayer for wolf to guard over her
Ever ready, my child safe with him
To come and unite, bind as his own
And hold her till life is at end

I sang

And in my voice I put all my hopes
Hopes clinging to heart’s every beat
And in my words I put understanding
Great wisdom received from my father
As he had received, when his days were young
From all of old ones before

In my mind I held the spruce seed
Link to all the great mystery above
And I looked down to her, she looking up
Gaze locked deep within mine own eyes
And I knew what she saw, for I saw it too
A love filled sea of stars

I sang of our place in the universe
Small part of the mystery we are
Begged her respect and give shining honor
To all life as she travels afar
To hold to the light, cast darkness away
As the sun brightens each of our days

I sang

I let the song build and dance
Riding out upon the sun’s bright rays
Wafting through the open window, out into the day
Drifting tenderly among the trees and shrubs
In a subtle and twisting way
Through the stillness and calm, the world seeming paused
And the whole of the earth, seems to listened with us
As the great wolf sang out his reply

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 18th, 2007


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