What would I give the Children

I would give them the open sky,
The brown earth, teeming with life and the wonders of creation
Mountains of leafy trees, the golden sand of beaches,
An ocean of teal blue waters, stars traveling on course thorough the nigh
And the awareness to take pleasure in all these things

Birdsong, butterflies, clouds, and rainbows.
Sunlight, moonlight, firelight.
The gift of a large hand reaching down for a small hand.
Impromptu praise, the unexpected kiss,
A straight answer to all questions,
Everlasting enthusiasm and a sense of wonder
Long peaceful days to be happy, and nights without fear.

And finally, the memories of a good home,
A place where they may always find comfort and protection
And know that love and care awaits

This I would give to the children….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 13th, 2008


2 thoughts on “What would I give the Children

  1. Easy,
    beautiful, absolutely beautiful! As a mother, I feel, every one who has been blessed enough to experience parenthood, should also be blessed with this unique and loving mindset. You truly are a wonderful person.


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