I Travel

And I travel
Across the roads and byways
The quiet country lanes that lead to new adventure
Surrounded by the simple beauty that makes up this world
Discovering the simple pleasures that give life real meaning

The quiet enjoyment I get from sharing stories with my new friend
Winsome restless feelings brought forth from the breeze wafting over my breast
All of the sounds and smells of the living things in new places
The quiet connection achieved by the peace and harmony of just being
The renewed sense of center that I achieve being back so close to the source

Gone are the tensions and conflicts of this modern day
A simpler time, a refreshing respite, a more peaceful path to follow
I hear the Wolf calling from the mountain
“Come my pack. Come run with me my family. Life is here. Life is good. ”
I hear and am drawn to the old ways once again

And so, once more I go forth
Though this parting is hard and painful
Coming adventure holds sorrow in check
For I know this journey is never over
And we shall soon be together again

Til then. you are in my heart my friends…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 17th, 2005


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