My body aches, the pain fills my world
Neck, shoulder and back, all burn with fire
I feel it awaken within, bright newest modality
This too shall pass

Deep inner sadness, no reason apparent
I release my past, a lifetime of sorrow
Regret at that I surrender, joyous in what comes
This too shall pass

Tears crawl down dry cheeks. I but wonder why
Yet I feel the good, the weight removed
As I release the darkness within
This too shall pass

The world changes, within and beyond
I want to reach, to touch, hold to family
But I cannot but withdrawal, release the old bonds
This too shall pass

Time clears, illusion as always
This new energy builds, new bonds pull
Dreams return, vivid, light filled, magic
This too shall pass

I must rise up, return to the path
I have something, to do, something needed
I cannot stay here and worry, must feed the change
This too shall pass

Dreaming symbols of war, running, escape, death
Lost in the maze, tilted reality, concavely in sound
Talking with myself, circle of ideals
This too shall pass

Riding on energy fluid, drifting wind on high
Wide vision of the life below, new light
More coherent, insightful, moving into the new energy
This too shall pass

Gone the loneliness, no longer removed
I feel the desire, the need of bond
The sacred and lifetime path renewed
This too shall pass

Guides from before departed, no need in this stage now
Journeys of a lifetime, free at long last
My space full of divinity, mystery abound
This too shall pass

I long to go Home, to be once more a part of the one
Most difficult and challenging, but I must stay rooted
No anger or frustration, just the quiet need for peace
This too shall pass

A simple thing, animal desire
But with my cycle complete, my vision now clear
I ready for this new beginning, to teach as Spirit needs
This shall endure

I walk on the right path again…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 15th, 2008


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