The Never-Ending Day

The stillness somehow deepens around me
Quiet movement, stealthy dark shadows shifting
Dim new day light just beginning to dapple the green
Sucking footsteps across the loam dank muddy ground

They come
Heart thumping, sweat runs, eyes sweep the night
Alert near panic, I hear the clinking of their guns
Quiet voices, language wrong, somehow I must know
Pull further down, deeper yet, down in my water filled hole

They come
I hear their breath, smell their sweat, can almost reach and touch
My mind recoils, must leave this dream, this nightmare in the bush
Starting soon, I know the drill, my personal place in hell
I ready my tools, prepare once more, my heart bent to the kill

Fear, sadness
How came I here, this forlorn place, full of anger and great fear
How could I have misplaced, that held most dear, the peace, love of life
All I was, have ever been, seems lost in this great disgrace
These men are deemed my enemies, but I know not their face

Brothers lost
Will it ever end, can we ever go back
To the world as I remember it was
Can I forget this dream, leave it far behind
If ever I return to my home

Tears, pain, loss
I make a vow, unto myself, if ever I leave this place
To put aside the nightmare dreams, to build upon the disgrace
I will teach my children the ways of love, respect and happiness

But as it starts and I fight to survive, the truth burns in my veins
I will remember, I cannot but, for this nightmare never ends…


Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 30th, 2007

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