3 thoughts on “End War (Haiku)

  1. i saw this movie called ‘The Invisible Circus’ starring Cameron Diaz and i was wondering that do people know that there is an invisible circus in all of us?

    do they ever hear the call of the Ring Master?

    do they ever obey to His wishes and do the wild dance of the universe along with The Master?

    and if they ever come to know about ‘The Invisible Cirucs’, then do they kill themselves as they couldnt meet up to the expectations they thought that The Master had?


  2. Don’t know that I’m the one to answer this for the answers you seek are best found within yourself, but for me, yes, that would be one way of understanding it. Keep in mind though that the Ring Master isn’t the Master of the circus, rather he/she is the one that helps coordinate all the different acts. The one that helps ensure things keep flowing smoothly, and that all the individual acts and actors have what they need when they need it, in order to enable the whole of the show to shine.
    So, yes I guess I would say I hear the voice of the Ring Master and I dance the wild dance of the universe, all the while creating my part in this existence. Life is what we make it. It can be light filled and loving, or hidden in the deepest depths of darkness, despair, and pain. It’s our choice to make it what we want.
    Namaste my friend, I bow to the divine in you for I see the divine spark in you as I see it in myself and all those around me. This, the duality of union, the common belonging to the all of existence. Learning to truly think, and to listen to the silence within is the first step to understanding. Peace and blessings,



  3. I bow down to you as well and Namaste to you as well. I live in a society where people are appreciated for what they do and not for what they are and in the midst of all this, I fight for my own good always. I have always believed in that internal force which has the power to make us or break us…it is up to us as to how we channelize it. It requires a lot of maturity and understanding to realize that we can be so powerful. For these reasons, I try to write my thoughts down for I know that I can stay sane only if I write what I feel within. In you I have found a fellow fare who is walking on the same road. Thanks for everything…




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