I’ve Learned of Myself

I have learned, that no matter how good that friend is
They are going to hurt you once in a while
And I know you have to forgive them for it

It has taken me a lifetime to become who I am
And it will take an eternity to become who I want to be
And only by great patience shall I get there

I try to always leave loved ones with a loving word
Lest the last thing they ever hear from me be dark with hate
And I know it may be the last time I see them

I know to control my anger, lest it control me
And that sometimes I angry
But that doesn’t give me the right to be cruel

And though I’m learned to forgive others
I haven’t learned to forgive myself
And no matter how bad my heart is broken

The world doesn’t stop for my grief……

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 6th, 2007


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