How can it be, you of such strength and pride
Be yet weak and frail before time’s dribbling sand
That you, long demander of obedience, boon companion
Would but cower to that pale horse rider’s command

Could it be that you long for that promised world
Needing another to lead to lofty goal
Or has the circle of your life reached close
Making room for some other’s birth

You served them all, man, woman, and child
Left some part of yourself within each
And on this, your final trip through the wilds
The multitudes of caring can’t be counted

Within these hearts, you shall ever abide,
Memories of your love and care living forever
Pasted on down the line, generation to generation
From the gift of your thousands of stories

Travel on my friend…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 4th, 2007


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