Why do bad things happen to good people?

Did you ever see something go wrong around you and suddenly burst out, “How on Earth did I create that?” Really, how can bad things happen, even to the sweetest, kindest, most spiritual people on the planet? Where’s the fairness in that? The root of the question lies partly in the fact that we live in a state of polarity consciousness. This is the common promoted point of view, where life is seen as a contrast between opposing forces, and that events are either good or bad. Good or bad is a judgment issue. Judgment belongs within the realms of basic, physical consciousness. Yes, in physical consciousness, bad things seemingly do exist, and they appear that way because they’re designed to.

Life is like a stage, or a movie set where scripts are acted out for the experience that they will bring. The ‘props’ upon the stage of life consist of good ones and bad ones because we are here to experience duality consciousness. But, when you rise above judgment to a higher vista of consciousness, you begin to view the arrival of an unpleasant occurrence in your life as the challenge that it was intended to be.

Challenges are designed, at a soul level, to give rise to change. Change then opens the door to the opportunity for transformation, and transformation is our main purpose in life. Your soul thinks very much in terms of service to others, so your purpose in life is to transform, not only yourself, but all of life to a higher level of consciousness. As a member of the group mind of life on Earth, everything that you do is reflected within the whole. Many challenges are undertaken, more for the transformation that they will bring to others, than for the change they will bring to you.

Transformation itself – the natural progress of the spirit – can be effortless. But when a limit to that transformation exists, pain may be the price necessary to dissolve that limit. People often take on pain in their lives, not because they need to transform themselves, but because their souls see that society needs to work through certain major issues and they volunteer to be a part of that transformation. In some people’s lives, challenges come thick and fast. In others, they do not, at least for that lifetime. When a person completes a particularly challenging lifetime, they may follow it up with a quiet, pleasant and restful incarnation, one where nothing outstanding happens at all.

Challenges are the tools of transformation. Without that tension in life, nothing moves, nothing progresses. Huge issues are worked through by millions of people at a time. Take any issue, equality of the sexes, equality of race, control issues, abuse, violence, equal access for the handicapped, greed, power madness, corruption, even the newest genocide being committed by the United States right now, and you will find that there are millions of people working through each issue at any one time in history. Sometimes people make obvious progress in helping shift the standards of understanding. Sometimes their journey here ends before their time, a seeming victim of the old reality, having made no apparent progress. No matter, whatever they do in their lives, the experience of just being alive in their situation is added to the massive movement, or shift in consciousness which is occurring at that time. No effort is wasted. No one fails. Everyone contributes to the experiences which follow each challenge.

What about the December 2004 Indonesian tsunami, the largest natural disaster in recorded history? What exactly did more than 170,000 souls join together to achieve? At the beginnings of European expansion into North American there were over 100 million mostly peaceful and spiritual natives living there. Today, there are less than 5 million. Did they soften the psyche of a world fixated upon terrorism and war? At a conscious level, we don’t know exactly why they gave such a monumental sacrifice. At their all-knowing soul level, however, they did agree to be a part of these massive events, because that is how life works. For what reason are the millions dying in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq today? The unenlightened are probably thinking ‘greed and control,’ but I choose to listen to my soul and the one.

We do not experience accidents, we create realities. When you have reached that deepest level of sleep at night, you find yourself moving into your fully-aware, soul consciousness state. This is the same point so many of us reach with our meditations or prayers. When you reach this level of consciousness you then join with your extended family, reconnecting with the source of all life, and with the entire family of souls in this universe, perhaps to plan, quite literally, what tomorrow will bring. Even if the focus of your attention does not reach this inner level on a particular night, your inner most level of consciousness is still fully aware and functional in its own right. As part of the whole of life and existence, you create tomorrow. To your conscious mind the next day, some of these plans may even appear as a surprise, wake-up calls as they unfold before your daily, waking consciousness.

It is not by chance that, when your time comes to cast off your physical body and return to the spirit world, your guides will be there to meet you. Your guides, along with friends, and others who have returned before you will meet you at the exact moment of your return. They will be there because, as the event draws near, they know exactly when to expect you. This is because souls do not experience accidents, they create realities. Not all challenges in life are a part of massive societal shifts. A challenge may just as easily be personal. Something that is, perhaps, chosen as a tool to break up a long-standing tendency to self-limitation within a person’s understanding. It is almost surreal to hear a cancer survivor reflect on their new-found health and say, “Cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me.” What they mean is that the challenge transformed them by releasing old limits which were cheating them of a fuller life.

We may never know all of the reasons why bad events happen. What we do know is that, in a world which habitually contrasts light and dark, the events which appear bad can often be the greatest opportunities for transformation within ourselves, for those around us and for all of humanity as a whole.

Who is to say that, at a soul level, we didn’t volunteer to carry a heavy load purely for the love of others? What better gift could we offer? Certainly the most spiritual people can, and do, carry the heaviest loads, and they do so in such a way that their service fills the world with the light of their love.

And this writing…a challenges perhaps. A challenge to myself to be more, do more, take greater control of my life, and make a bigger contribution to the whole of life and existence.

I owe it to myself…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre October 17th, 2008

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