Not Alone

I hear your cry my sister
Feel the emptiness of your heart
Seem so alone, colors faded
Wishing there’d been no start

Know that I too have sought for comfort
Still seek it when I can
But I have found what gets me through
Spreading love across this land

I give to both my children
Ever flowing from the well of my heart
But I have so much within me, so much to give
This release is not near enough

I wrap myself in a clutch of friends
Work hard to fill their worlds with some joy
Take on their burdens, ease their trials
Would carry them forward it I could

Yet even when immersed, in this gathering of care
Surrounded by all friends and relatives
When I dare look inside, to the center of me
To my shame I find it dark and empty

I share in your pain, as we walk this lonely path
With all of the people around us
You remind me once more, of the felling I too have
That of always walking alone

I can’t tell you if this is about soul mates
For how would I ever know
But I can say it is, like most of my dreams
The want that burns in us all

So try to do as I do dear sister
The thing I found to hold it in check
Listen to the songs, in the life all around you
And hold to hope and keep reaching out

Listening to the songs of the birds ,
it really doesn’t help at all .
It just makes me stop and wonder
Will anyone will hear my call

Hold in your heart, with peace and harmony
You do not walk alone….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 4th, 2007


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