Old Wisdom

Night still and quiet, tensed calm before the storm,
Moon cast shadows, dance across the flat plains,
A soft amber glow, heralding the coming new day,
Desolate baleful calls drifting echo on the wind,
I stand silent and listen in deepest awe,

Majestic Wolf, poised upon the highest peek,
Scanning ground, ever alert, pack drifting all around,
Head back, voicing song, an old cry for the elders,
Howling spirit songs, piercing the edged night,
Completion in now, the whole pack joins,

Sweetest harmony, a sacred blend,
Calls reaching up, filling the heavens,
Such a star lit sky, alums their blissful smiles,
These, in the ancestor’s affectionate eyes,
The pack bonds, closes as one,

Wise beyond words, seen in his soulful eyes,
Perception liken to the world of old, newly reborn,
They’d as soon to retire, back to the den and safety,
But first they must finish, fulfilling this ritual of love,
Thanks to the mystery, so successful the hunt,

The tribes, the packs, people of all clans,
Had once lived remarkably different, so free,
For the world was at peace, as created and made,
A paths meant for all life to share,

And as daylight grows closer, they break from the song
Easing away toward their homes, night’s journey now done,
And a thought comes to my mind, as I watch them depart,
Would my people ever to learn this wisdom,

Could they take time, standing upon this hill
To listen, to and learn what it is that’s needed,
Will they ever hear, can they heed or even imagine,
These whispered wise pleas of the Mother…



Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 2nd, 2007

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