Once, in another time

Once, in another time

We once believed in cleanliness of mind and body, in purity of morals.
Chastity and Honesty were an established principle with us all.
We once believed that a truly great man was one who had done something for his people,
Not one who had accumulated much wealth and power from the use and abuse of the people.

We once believed that the earth was the mother of all things,
To be held sacred, respected, cared for, and therefore,
That no one owned the soil and no one man had more title than another.
Our whole civil policy was averse of the concentration of power in the hands of any individual, but rather inclined to the opposite principle of division among number of equals.
We believed in the equality of women, rejoiced in the differences of race, of all life

And above all, we believed in giving respect, to all people, all life, for all the gifts of the world.

I still believe…Do you?

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 2nd, 2008


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