Peace Shared

The restless stirrings, of a friend needing peace
Mind all awash, with the questions unanswered
Dwelling on the pain, the dangers of today
Heart pleading resentment, for the way things have gone
I would that I could find a way to help heal

To help to ease this burden, take away the fear
Quiet the anger and confusion, allow the mind to clear
To loosen this grip it has on you
To help you understand
To be the friend you seem to need
Together make a stand

Hold tightly to the wonders
Rejoice for each daily gift
And know the rainbow really does bring hope
And light to follow thunder

Allow yourself to feel the joy
Finding comfort in the changes
And know in your soul, there’s more good than bad
In this, the all of creation

Be at peace……

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 16th, 2008

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