My Raven

Welcome majestic messenger from the great mystery above
From where all knowledge awaits us, from whence comes all love
The medicine you bring us gives us the courage to know
The strength that you lend us, the power to go
A symbol of changes, of consciousness reborn
Heightening awareness, of perception and more
True helper and companion, with kindness unknown
On your strong back, with your wings we will fly
To ever climb upward, and growth upon high
I thank you great messenger for the magic you bring
And will hold dearly for ever, the songs that you sing…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 12th 2007


2 thoughts on “My Raven

  1. And I thank you dear Mae, for all of the wonderful gifts you share with your writing. You add to the peace of my soul, and bring light to the world around you. Blessings and happiness.



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