Precious Moments

Vibrant, awe-inspiring majesty
Lush and green, fragrant with the scent of life
Wild flowers mixed all among pines, oaks, and cedar,
This bountiful cornucopia of life’s essence
Inhale deeply, of the pungent pleasing scent of the earth mother’s embrace

All around you, the melodious sounds of the living
Pulsating ripples, ever changing rhythm of existence
Contemplate the unending beauty and rightness of this place
Open your senses to the healing gift it provides

A view, almost erotic in its capture of your heart
These feeling liken to a lover’s touch
Tender, yet ever building the passion inside
Hold precious this moment in your life

And allow what comes tomorrow
Fill you with anticipation and hope….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 6th, 2007

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