The sensual musky sweetness of you fills the night air
Teasing reminders floating on evening breeze
Aggrieved heart in spasm with fresh yearning renewed
Never-ending need swelling within me yet again
My tears flow freely, plummeting down as gentle rain
Painting circles in dust upon the dry ground at my feet

I’ve always dreamed you there
Imagined the closeness of your heat
The scent of you filling my breath
Touch of you electric, tension before the storm
Taste of you heaven’s own ambrosia
Your simplest caress filling me with joy unknown

As always I reach for you
Look to pull you close
The need in me consumes my soul
Completion ever outside my grasp
Yet try I must, as ere before
For the need to fill this dark empty heart

All these years of dreams and wishes deficient
To share but one of these precious of life’s moments
Share with you who would know my heart
Know the deepest of my fears
Who understands my pain

Your presence, though shadowed, enough to dispel my fears
Your touch, though imagined, calms my pain
I know you’ve been with me from the beginning of time
But I would trade any and all to have you once truly by my side

The yearning continues, heart empty still
What else but to take the next step up the hill
So I persist in this traveling, this path I am on
And journey forever through this lonely world…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 27th, 2007


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