Thoughts of you in my head
Driving my dreams away, sleep never comes
Why can’t I stop thinking of you
After all you’ve put me threw
Why these visions, so vivid and real
Where gone my peace

Late night conversations
Lasting nearly till dawn
Reliving shared past, treasure of memory
So filled with touching and warmth

I admit my confusion
My reluctance and fear
A hidden part of me reopened
Kept so well hidden all these years

I do not know that I dare
But I cannot help but want
The path all a tangle
Foot dangerous mess

I cannot stop who I am
Must be true to myself
The care that’s within me
So long not let out

I would think to go quietly
Fade away to spare you more pain
But my heart has taken hold of me
Found anew what had never left

But I will be strong, this I promise
Will not let it all turn dark
And I thank you my love, for these newest gifts
This time we’ve shared has been blessed…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 12th, 2008


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